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Complete and submit the Post-Secondary Education Release Form to Bright Futures at

Once the release form has been completed and emailed it will be processed and you will receive your username and password via email. You are now ready to SIGN-IN to the eScholarship portal. You will be asked to change your temporary password the first time you sign in.

  • In the application, you will enter in and approve your demographic data in the My Account tab. You will upload your proof of residency at the time you graduated from high school, such as utility bills, leases, tax forms, or property ownership. You will need to also upload your high school transcript, proving graduation or GED certificate and GED transcript. The documents to prove your honorable discharge from service, are either the DD214 or NGB-22. All of these electronic documents can be uploaded into the eScholarship application in the Documents tab. You will add the post-secondary school or schools you are interested in attending in the Schools tab. The program will provide you with information to determine if you are ‘tentatively approved’, ‘Ineligible’, or just need to provide some additional information, to fulfill eligibility requirements. You can return to the eScholarship site at any time to review your eligibility status.
  • The DD214 or NGB-22 are the only two documents that are recognized as official verification of service to be called a veteran. It will also identify the type of discharge, which is a criteria of the program.
  • Once you are enrolled in your Title IV school of choice, we will verify your enrollment and the number of credit hours you are taking.
  • You and the post-secondary school you have chosen to attend will receive your grant award letter once full eligibility is approved. This notification will be sent to you via email.
  • Funds will be electronically disbursed to the post-secondary school, the day after your school’s final drop/add date for the semester.

Submission of all applications, enrollment and Bright Futures requirements must be completed by the following dates:

Fall Semester- June 30th
Spring Semester- October 31st
Summer Semester- April 30th


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