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WELD COUNTY, CO – In this month’s Spotlight Weld County video , Commissioner Chair Barbara Kirkmeyer and Commiss ioner Julie Cozad discuss the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program. Launched on September 1, 2015, t his innovat ive program offers tuition assistance for post – secondary education to Weld County residents who graduate from a high school , receive their GE D, or are an honorably discharged veteran .

The Board of County Commissioners is committed to investing back into the community and building a stronger workforce. In order to start the program, the Board dedicated $15 million to the grant fund and are givi ng residents and business es a chance to donate as well . Each resident or business that donates will receive a property tax credit and a state and f ederal income tax deduction.

“This program is about creating opportunities while investing in our future,” said Kirkmeyer. “We want to provide our residents with an opportunity to further their education at a community college, university or trade school.”

To watch this episode of Spotlight Weld County, visit the Weld County Government YouTube channel at

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