Application Deadline:

May 15, 2024

About Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a Weld County, Colorado workforce initiative designed to strengthen the vitality of the Weld County community. By nurturing and supporting the next generation with tuition assistance in the form of money for post-secondary education or training certification, we are building a strong foundation for a stable economy.


Understanding the importance of trade and academic skills, the Weld County Board of Commissioners launched Bright Futures in 2015. The goal is to financially assist students who pursue post-secondary education or training and certification programs within the Bright Futures geographic region.

The program is open to qualifying Weld County residents who have graduated from high school, earned a GED, or were honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces. Accepted recipients may receive financial assistance of up to $14,000 over the course of eight semesters.


Bright Futures is administered by Weld Legacy Foundation and qualifies as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It was seeded with $15 million by the Weld County Board of County Commissioners, but donor support has been vital for the Bright Futures program to continue to provide awards to Weld County students.

Weld County individual and commercial property owners that donate to Bright Futures may receive 50% of their donation returned in the form of a tax credit up to the amount owed on the Weld County portion of their property taxes. They may also be eligible for state and federal tax deductions. (Consult your tax advisor to determine the deductibility of your donation.) A donation of twice the amount of the Weld County portion of their property tax means the donor may pay no Weld County property tax.

The application will be available in January. Please check back.