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Volunteer in-person or at home. It’s up to you! Below you will find a list of local nonprofits where you can volunteer in-person and ideas on volunteering at home through social distance and neighborly benevolence.

How can you help and still social distance?

Neighborly Benevolence–as always, we encourage our students to practice kindness to neighbors.  Help someone out by shoveling snow, doing yard work, or running errands.  Tutoring a fellow student or even helping a sibling with school work will count as well!

Make cards or write notes of encouragement to those that receive meals from Meals on Wheels.  Many of these meal recipients look forward to a visit when their meal is delivered.  With the advent of Covid-19, these visits are now limited.  Share your talents and let these meal recipients know that someone cares!  If you want to participate in this project, contact our office to sign off on your community service log and specific delivery instructions Please do not take these items directly to Meals on Wheels as access to their facility is strictly limited due to food preparation.

“I was very happy to hear about the stay at home service projects. I was a little worried about completing the rest of my volunteer hours for my last year of high school, and this opportunity was perfect and helped me feel less stressed! Creating the cards was a great experience! I really hope that I made an impact by helping someone’s day be a little brighter. I would definitely recommend a stay at home project for others, as they are easy and fun! A stay at home project could help anyone feel less bored since we are all stuck inside, and the projects would greatly help the community!”   Abby–Bright Futures Grant Recipient

STAY-AT-HOME VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: We now have some at-home volunteer opportunities available. Click here to see the list.

Bright requires each grant recipient to complete 16 hours of community service in Weld County each school year.

All 16 hours are due by May 15th.

Any community focused efforts in Weld County will be accepted for the community service requirements. A few suggestions are below and we encourage you to contact our list of community partners also listed below.  If you choose to volunteer at your church or similar establishment, please have all community service be community focused and not faith based.

Suggestions include:

  • Helping at community events or dinners
  • Volunteering at Veteran based organizations
  • Helping prep and distribute boxes at local food banks
  • Completing a community-based project within your Town or City since as park clean up, volunteering at health fairs, or improving a community area. (Check with your Town or City to see if they have projects to help with)
  • Organizational or administrative support to nonprofits

Students will be required to upload the below required community service form to their application.

Click here to download the required community service form.

Weld County Organizations
Bright Futures have communicated with the organizations below and they are interested in having students assist them with possible projects.  Please contact them to arrange your community service hours. 

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