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Pivot Energy Donates to Bright Futures While Also Inspiring Others to Donate

GREELEY, CO (OCT. 31, 2023): Pivot Energy, a national solar energy provider, recently donated $85,000 to Bright Futures, one of the largest single gifts ever received by Bright Futures during its eight-year history.

Bright Futures was founded in 2015 by the Weld County Commissioners to stimulate a better trained and more educated workforce for the young people in Weld County. The program provides financial awards to qualifying high school graduates and honorably discharged veterans toward a certified training certificate program or to attend a 2-year or 4-year college in Colorado or its seven bordering states.

As part of Pivot Energy’s commitment to delivering meaningful benefits to the communities where it operates, the national renewable energy provider, headquartered in Denver, partners with local organizations to invest in their social impact initiatives. Pivot aims to be a leader in socially impactful and environmentally responsible solar development. Pivot Energy is currently constructing three unique community solar gardens in Weld County which will contribute over $1,400,000 in property tax revenue over the next 20 years, that serve low-income households with free energy bill savings, and that include agrivoltaic land stewardship practices.


The Bright Futures program is administered by the Weld Legacy Foundation and qualifies as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. One hundred percent of donations to Bright Futures goes to support Weld County students.

“Pivot’s gift alone created a significant impact for Bright Futures,” explained Jeff Carlson, CEO for the Weld Legacy Foundation. “Then they took their donation one step further in helping our community and multiplied their impact,” Carlson shared.

The Weld Legacy Foundation’s 34th annual gala took place on October 28. During the gala which benefited Bright Futures, Pivot Energy challenged the attendees during a paddle raise to match their $85,000 gift.

“The matching paddle raise turned Pivot’s sizable gift of $85,000, into $181,650 to support Bright Futures,” Carlson said. “Their commitment toward giving and working together with hundreds of other generous donors to support Weld County was truly inspiring.”

“We are so excited to partner with the Weld Legacy Foundation and their Bright Futures program,” said Annie Lappé, Vice President of Policy and Impact at Pivot Energy. “Bright Future’s mission to support Weld residents to achieve their career goals is incredibly important, and Pivot Energy is so proud to be able to advance their impact.”

The premise of multiplying impact has been part of Bright Futures since its inception. Any donor who owns a Weld County property and donates to Bright Futures may receive up to 50% of their donation back in the form of a tax credit up to the amount owed on the Weld County portion of their property taxes.

“With the generous support of donors like Pivot Energy, Bright Futures will be able to support many Weld County youth with their education or training certificates to get into the jobs they want,” Carlson stated. “We are grateful to Pivot for being such a strong advocate for the Weld County.”

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Pivot Energy is a national solar provider that develops, finances, builds, owns, and manages solar and energy storage projects. Pivot offers a distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software that serve the full solar ecosystem. Pivot is a Certified B-Corporation that proudly follows a corporate strategy that provides a positive impact on society as measured by Environmental stewardship, Social leadership, and responsible Governance (ESG) factors. Learn more at

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